No Easy Victories

I was living in Hawaii in 2005, when my old friend Bill Minter called to talk to me about the book he had in mind, one he knew that he could not do alone. Histories were being written about the end of colonialism in Africa and the end of white minority rule. What was missing from these studies of governments and policies was an adequate picture of the international solidarity movements around the world. Bill wanted to present the stories of fifty years of activism in the United States, activism that finally forced the U.S. government to cease its uncritical support of white minority regimes on the continent. He enlisted Charlie Cobb and me to join him in this project, No Easy Victories is the result.

For me, it was a great pleasure to return to my engagement with southern Africa and to work with Bill and Charlie.

To learn more about these remarkable writers and activists please see links below:
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From Foreword by Nelson Mandela: “We were part of a worldwide movement that continues today to redress the economic and social injustices that kill body, mind, and spirit. No Easy Victories makes clear that our lives and fortunes around the globe are indeed linked.”

Gail Hovey, left, and Jennifer Davis served as official observers at the historic April 1994 elections in Empangeni, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. They are with Robert Mkhwanazi, a pastor who served with the election monitoring program organized by the South African Council of Churches.